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 Award Winning Programming for over 25 years



​Richard J. McCollough, M.Ed. is a 37 year veteran of television and radio broadcasting. He has worked at NBC, ABC, CBS and PBS affiliates in Washington, DC, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Spartanburg, SC and Rochester, NY. He established Mirusmedia in 1988 with the clear mission of producing network quality television and video productions. So far, he has been honored with 47 national & international industry awards for his work on documentaries, promotional video campaigns, live event coverage and television programs.  Mirusmedia has served clients across the country. 

Richard J. McCollough is a member of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA))


If you have a live event coming up or need help in creating a promotional video or documentary project please contact us.


In addition, Mr. McCollough created American Abilities Television Network, which produces programming for people with hearing loss. American Abilities airs locally in Rochester, New York and serves the world online. 


Richard J. McCollough, is not only an accomplished broadcaster and producer, but is also a teacher, author and farmer.

Mirusmedia, founded by Richard J. McCollough in 1988 Capturing the Wonder



​"I have a natural curiosity about life and that excitement translates through all of the projects I work on. From my experience, people and events vary, but there is a common thread that transcends time, all races, cultures and religions. That thread is the wonder of humanity, which is fascinating to me."

Richard J. McCollough


​Many have wondered how I came up with the name Mirusmedia. I like reading the dictionary and have since my parents bought a set of World Book Encyclopedias when we were kids in the 1960s. Many years later in 1988, while working at Financial News Network in Los Angeles, I discovered latin for "miracle" was "mirus". I loved the optimism of the name. Thus, Mirusmedia is 26 years old.  Like a great ship facing the mighty seas and sometimes uncharted territory, the company have weathered the elements and endured.


​"H.M.S. Victory" by Thomas Butterworth


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